Keyboards / Percussion

Featured on both vocals and synthesizers in Cal's live show is Victoria. An accomplished vocalist, pianist and songwriter, Victoria has been performing for the last two decades with her own original projects and has recently begun recording a new CD of New Age/Classical piano pieces.

As an actress, Victoria can be seen in several major motion pictures such as "Hitch," "The Stepford Wives," "The Nanny Diaries,"and Mel Brooks' "The Producers," as well as several domestic television credits including Fox's "Johnny Zero," "30 Rock," "Law and Order" and "CSI."


“When a spot opened up for my second keyboardist, I knew I needed more than just a keyboard player, I needed someone who could recreate electronically the sounds of a live orchestra and make it sound and feel "real." Not as easy as it sounds! To do this sucessfully you must have a certain familiarity with each of these orchestral instruments and the diverse techniques used when playing them. Victoria, having spent years as a vocalist with various orchestras was able to put her experience to work and not only reproduce each instrument quite convincingly, but she was able to capture many of the little nuances that make each of these instruments unique.

During the live show, Victoria will step from behind the keyboards and take her place as one of our soprano soloists, where her exquisite coloratura voice takes my music and truly makes it soar."