Mark Walker

Bass Guitar

"Mark Walker plays fretted & fretless bass with the band, drawing from a broad sound palette which he utilizes adeptly within the wide dynamic expanse of Cal's sound. Currently based in New York City, he also produces his own music, plays guitar, percussion, piano, synthesizer, and creates drum beats and sound sequences. Mark has two full length albums under his belt - written, produced and performed single-handedly with the occasional special guests. Voice talent and actor are also on his resume, and he's often featured in minor roles on TV and in movies.

Mark became an accomplished self-taught pianist while in elementary school in Portland, OR. At age 12, Mark discovered his love for the electric bass, and soon thereafter it became his main instrument of focus. He formed his first band at that same age, meanwhile pursuing the mentorship of many of Portland's great established musicians in genres including rock, jazz, fusion, punk, funk, blues, metal, and country. Subsequently, he developed his progressive playing style at an early age, and began composing original music by age 14. He began teaching guitar and bass lessons while still in high school, and continued through college.

Mark received his degree in Audio Engineering, and  moved north to Seattle, WA. just as the greatly hyped 'Grunge' era took the world by storm. He continued writing & recording music, and played bass and sang in numerous rock, punk, and prog/metal bands, gigging in the same Seattle clubs as reknown heavy-weights: Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Nirvana, Screaming Trees, Pearl Jam, Mud Honey, 7 Year Bitch, The Posies, and The Fastbacks. Mark also worked as a session bassist, and engineered & mastered music for many Seattle bands as his business moniker 'Cosmo Studios.'

Mark's extensive musical background and years of gigging experience compliment Cal's music with a progressive sensibility and aggressive edge, while wisely navigating the balance between melodic color and fundamental backdrop.

Mark Walker plays Rickenbacker basses exclusively."

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"I had met Mark through Victoria. They were both working together at the time on an episode of TV's "Law and Order." Victoria had brought me a CD of Mark's work and I popped it into my system while I was doing some paperwork. Needless to say, I did not get much work done. I was mesmerized by what I was hearing. Not only is Mark a remarkably talented musician and writer but he plays a "Rickenbacker" bass. I grew up with a "Rick" in my hands and for those of you that know what a Rick sounds like, you know it the moment you hear it; it is one of the most distinct sounding instruments ever made. In the hands of someone like Mark, who has truly mastered the instrument and it's unique sound, it is pure magic! It is an honor to have him on the team.