Joe Gattuso


From New York, Guitarist Joe Gattuso, brings his passionate, fiery playing to Cal's live show. An accomplished writer and performer, fluent on Guitar, Piano, Violin, Mandolin and Saxophone. Joe's versatility and innate sense of harmony made his style a perfect fit for Cal's music.

An accomplished singer/songwriter himself, Joe is in the studio at the moment recording his debut album, "Alone," for Daydreamer Records. You can find out more about Joe and his music at:

"I had first seen Joe play during the Emergenza International Music Festival a year or so ago. Chris Price, my Production Designer was with me at the time and we were both so impressed with this young man that we made it our business to keep up with him and what he was doing.

When the opportunity came and I was expanding the band, Joe had already been in contact with my daughter, whom had also performed in the Emergenza festival. We asked him to sit in one night with us at a rehearsal and it was "love at first sound." He is an incredible musician and a wonderful young man, I'm thrilled to have him aboard."