Jessica Calamera


At only 17 Years old, Jessica has already accomplished more than most "lifers" in the music business. She is a published ASCAP writer, has had her music featured in both Television and film and fronts her own successful Rock n Roll band.

Being around music her entire life is what Jessica credits with instilling in her the passion to perform and express herself. Having written her first solo piano concerto at only 14, she moved onto the world of Popular Music and has not looked back.

Although her responsibilities to her own band "A Few 2 Many" keep her busy, she still finds the time to perform with her dad "Cal," and will accompany him on the 2008 international tour. Her heart wrenching song "Your Favorite Stranger" written about a couple struggling with Alzheimer's Disease was a highlight of Cal's PBS television special "Forever and Beyond."

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"Not many people in this business, let alone this world, are lucky enough to be surrounded by and work with true friends and people they love. When Jessica played "Your Favorite Stranger" for me for the first time, I have to admit, I was devastated. The words, the depth of the piece just took my breath away. I could not believe my ears. I knew she was talented and capable of some amazing stuff but this was just so different. I immediately asked her to play it in the show for the PBS taping and it was so well received that I wanted to keep it in the show for the tour. She has an incredible voice and when a spot opened up in the vocal section, I asked Michael to audition her and despite having to hang around with her father, she came aboard. Daddy's girl!.