Gabriel "Gabby" Garcia


Putting that unique “flavor” into Cal’s music is percussionist Gabriel “Gabby” Garcia. Born and raised in Mexico City, Gabriel came to New York in 1995 to study percussion under some of the world’s finest masters, among them, percussionist George Delgado (Tito Puente Orchestra) and Ramon Rodriguez ( Director, The Boys Harbor Conservatory). Gabe has performed and recorded with numerous orchestras and jazz ensembles up and down the East Coast and will be featured in Cal’s live show this year with a “blistering” percussion solo in “Redemption.”

“The night Gabe was to audition, we were running behind schedule and did not have enough time to hear him play on his own. Under the circumstances, I asked him if he could just sit-in with us through the rehearsal and this would be sort of a working audition. I think we did “Horizon” first that night, I remember looking across the studio and watching this guy just “go to work.” He hit every accent dead on and even added some things that just blew me away. That was it, one song and we had our guy.”