Ericka Schlenkermann

Woodwinds/Music Director

The amazing young lady playing all of those different wind instruments is woodwind specialist Ericka Schlenkermann. A graduate of Syracuse University with a degree in Music Education, she is proficient on flute, piccolo, oboe, clarinet, English horn and saxophones.

Ericka is also Cal's full time music director. She alone is responsible for interpreting Cal's written music to the various orchestra musicians, ensuring that the audience will experience and hear exactly what Cal has envisioned.

Ericka has performed in various orchestras, chamber ensembles, musical theater and jazz groups. Among her credits are performances in such shows as “Guys and Dolls”, “Kiss of the Spiderwoman”, “Gypsy”, “Into the Woods”, and “Damn Yankees”.

Mrs.Schlenkermann has studied under many fine musicians such as Deborah Coble (principal flutist of the Syracuse Symphony) and Phil MacArthur (principal oboist of the Syracuse Symphony) and has performed for a number of great artists such as Jeanne Baxtresser, Julius Baker, Gary Schocker, and Sandra Church.


“When Ericka walked in for her audition, we noticed something about her, and when she began to play it was obvious right then and there, that no one else would be interpreting my music but her. She plays with an elegance and beauty that must be heard to be truly appreciated, as words could not describe the “pure heaven” she infuses into my music.” As a Music Director, there is absolutely no one I trust more than Ericka to handle this task. She has been with me a long time and knows my music better than I do. She is a delightful young lady and an incredible talent."