The Ultimate Guide To A Game Reserve Family Vacation

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A game reserve could be on your bucket list when planning a family vacation. However, how do you tell which game reserve suits you best? Most people will prioritise the animals in the reserve. However, consider these factors.


When choosing a game reserve location, you will need to consider:

  • Accessibility: The reserve should be strategically located to ensure accessibility. For instance, although the road might not be tarmacked, it should be well paved to ensure you do not need a 4WD.
  • Political stability: When travelling outside the country, check whether the region is politically stable.
  • Weather: Weather would be a concern if some of your family members are allergic to extreme weather. Besides, storms and floods would significantly affect your experience at the reserve.
  • Proximity to other tourist destinations: When planning an extended vacation, consider reserves close to other tourist destinations such as holiday parks and beaches. 


It is a concern if you intend to spend several days at the reserve. The rule is to ensure the accommodation options suit your family's needs and budget. For instance, you might prefer large cottages with several bedrooms if you prefer to stay with your kids. Then, assess whether guests are allowed to make their meals if you are on a budget. Besides, some of your family members could be allergic to the meals served at the restaurants in the reserve. If you intend to spoil your family, consider reserves with 5-star hotels. You should also check the amenities available at the cottages, hotel rooms, or apartments in the reserve. For example, you might need safes to store expensive jewellery or confidential documents. Moreover, you might need a lounge to host friends or family that could visit you when on vacation. Finally, you might need access to a gym, swimming pool or kids playground.  


Who will you find at the reserve? Most game reserves have different tourists depending on the season. Several interventions help you know the tourists you will find at the reserve. First, you could read reviews on the reserve's website. Alternatively, you could assess reviews from independent travel blogs. Check whether your family will be comfortable with the tourists at the reserve. For example, if you have an infant, you might want to avoid reserves with rowdy or wild tourists who might make noise at night. Conversely, if you have adolescent kids, consider family-friendly reserves to ensure your kids make new friends.

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